Our services

CGPills offers global solutions and adapts to your needs. From building customized tools to creative and tech proposals for your ideas and projects.

Tools Development

Customized tools, pipeline tools, consulting, third party software integrations.
We have a strong R&D and production team capable to build, adapt and manage extensive pipeline solutions.

Inventions, Ideas
Customized Technology projects

Do you have an idea or invention, maybe a project in mind? Try to contact us, we are friendly and opened to new challenges.

Mobile Apps & Games

Mobile apps and games. Gamification for education. VR.
We have well recognized apps like Rallymeter, Fortifeble, BAHM...

Audiovisual Content

Our large experience in VFX & CGI grant deep knowledge when offering services for audiovisual content.

Who we Are

Founded in 2012 and located in Mallorca (Spain) the company was born from a team with an extensive experience in feature films, visual effects and development.

CGPills team has achieved important R&D positions in tools and pipeline development at highest level in CGI and VFX films.

We have been offering global solutions for many kind of projects, from R&D services for VFX, CG, hospitals, mobile apps & games development, VR… to audiovisual content production to help bring ideas to life, movies, short films, VFX, CG, exhibitions, inventions…


We help to create, maintain and improve several medium to large scale CGI and VFX Pipelines and Tools. Our experience is forged developing tools like:

• Animation pipeline improvements, development and maintenance of multiple pipeline tools… (Weta Digital)

• Scattering tool development, customized tools… (Ilion Animation Studios)

• Asset Manager, Shotgun customization, workflow and pipeline development… (Bee&Bird Animation Studios)

Also we have participated in many national and international awarded productions, delivering more than 200k frames in films like:

• 300 Rise of an empire (Warner Bros)

• Maleficent (Disney)

• The Hobbit, the battle of five armies (MGM Peter Jackson)

• Godzilla (Warner Bros)

• The Grandmaster (Wong Kar Wai)

• Insurgent (Summit Entertainment / Red Wagon Entertainment)