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AR Augmented reality for your social media promotion. Be new, be in the future!

Production pipeline tools

Customised, consulting, third party software integrations...

Outsourcing service needed? We are happy to hear your proposals!

VFX, Rotomation, Rotoscope, Animation...

Mobile Apps & Games

We can develop your prototype or can help you joining a team to complete a full app/game project.

Who we Are

Born in 2012, we are a dynamic company with special care for quality. We use our experience to manage a motivated team for each challenge to get the best results for the proposed goals. From an app prototype to a demanding VFX project with tight daily deadlines.


We have worked in a variety of projects. From Animation to VR, App development, Pipeline Coding, Outsourging VFX with daily deliveries… Each team is designed and sized for the needs of the poposed subject.

New times, new solutions.


We help to create, maintain and improve several medium to large scale CGI and VFX Pipelines and Tools. Our experience is forged developing tools like:

• Animation pipeline improvements, development and maintenance of multiple pipeline tools… (Weta Digital)

• Scattering tool development, customised tools… (Ilion Animation Studios)

• Asset Manager, Shotgun customisation, workflow and pipeline development… (Bee&Bird Animation Studios)

Also we have worked delivering more than 200k frames in films like:

• 300 Rise of an empire (Warner Bros)

• Maleficent (Disney)

• The Hobbit, the battle of five armies (MGM Peter Jackson)

• Godzilla (Warner Bros)

• The Grandmaster (Wong Kar Wai)

• Insurgent (Summit Entertainment / Red Wagon Entertainment)